Utilizing a personalized, self-paced format, students taking an International In-Service course or study tour reflects on their learning related to international, intercultural and global issues. Students maintain a journal documenting their growth in international and intercultural awareness. Regular communication with an instructor helps students consider new questions and identify significant areas for personal development during the in-service or study tour experience.

This course is designed specifically for hands-on learning in an international setting. Students undertake a directed study project as an introduction to international project management and community development. Students have the opportunity to gain an understanding of the issues facing community and small business development in an international/intercultural setting.

Students will become familiar with the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to be an effective global participant. Following a detailed rubric, students will assess their readiness and identify competency gaps. The course concludes with a personal plan for further education and career planning. This course may be delivered in a variety of ways: concentrated face-to-face format, distance/online delivery, or a hybrid/blended approach.