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    Being Successful at College

    When you take a 3-credit online course, you are looking at a weekly time commitment of approximately 10 hours (3 - 4 for the lecture materials & 3 - 6 for activities and homework readings).  The time commitment will be dependent on how your instructor presents materials, how quickly your read and absorb materials, and what activities are required.  Note, time commitment for all courses increases as a semester progresses and major assignments become due.

    Here you will find some tips to help you be more successful, but if you want more information and help, please contact Student Services ( and ask about COSU 090.
  • Academic Honesty & Avoiding Plagiarism

    • What is considered Academic Honesty in Canada?
    • What is plagiarism?
    • Why are these important?
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  • Studying Effectively

    Since your time is valuable, this section provides some suggestions for studying effectively and efficiently.

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