Journal Online Text Assignment Template

Write your thoughts and reflections here.

  • What resonated with your from this week's learning? 
  • What challenges did you discover? 
  • What goals or ideas arose?
  • Anything that you would like to share that you feel is relevant.

You can submit in THREE different formats ( I encourage you to communicate in the way you feel most comfortable): 

  1. Written : You will need to write your text in the space provided to submit. You can also copy cut and paste it from a word document if you prefer to write it offline first. You cannot upload and attach a document/file.  (500 words)
  2. Oral: You can record your journal entry orally (spoken) using a microphone or webcam audio feature option. (max 5 mins)
  3. Video: You can submit your journal entry via video recording (audio and picture) using a webcam feature. (max 5 mins)

PRIOR to submitting, compare your paper with the rubric provided to ensure that you have met the requirements for the journal entries. 

If you have any problems, please contact the COTROnline Help Desk or 250-489-2751 local 3737.

If you don't understand the assignment directions, please contact me.