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Date: Thursday, 6 October 2022, 2:42 PM

Activity Completion & Restriction to Simplify Life

Best Practices in Course Design

The technical and user-friendly aspects

Completion & Restrictions to Simplify Your Life

and control access to content

Engagement & Collaboration Tools

Grade Book Setup

Lesson Activity - learning personalized

An Introduction

Stay tuned, a more advanced workshop will be offered later in July/August

MS Teams for Teaching & Learning

Quizzes - not just for assessment

Using Books, Pages, & Labels Effectively

Video with Kaltura: Workshops

My apologies for the quality of these videos; I was having internet issues, so the workshops did not go as smoothly as they might have.

Kaltura - An Introduction

Kaltura - Advanced: adding quizzes, slides, files, and chapters

Wikis for Collaboration