Using Video - Why & How

Why Use Video?


  • reaches students with a variety of learning styles, especially visual learners, and students with a variety of information acquisition styles
  • facilitates creative thinking and problem-solving, particularly when students are the creators
  • engages and inspires students by increasing motivation, enhancing the learning experience, and encouraging learner autonomy
  • helps students practice media literacy and critical viewing skills
  • is a great source of information
  • can be used to introduce different perspectives on a topic
  • provides a common experience to stimulate discussions
  • brings the outside world into the classroom
  • is a good alternative to a field trip, when a field trip is not feasible
  • provides a model for learners to emulate
  • assists with learning mastery
  • allows students to visualize complex concepts that are otherwise difficult to grasp
  • can be accessed outside class time, referred back to after-the-face
  • makes learning more personalized because students can view a video at their own pace, review material that they find difficult, and skip information they understand
  • improves recall
  • increases accessibility for students with special needs