Adding, Removing, Suspending Students - ILP and non ILP - 3.5

Adding Students

  • Students are automatically uploaded to Business, CYFS, Kinesiology, Recreation & Tourism, and University Studies courses at the start of each academic semester.

  • Students in other programs can be uploaded providing the COTROnline Help Desk receives the correct information.  If you want your students uploaded, please download and fill in the attached spreadsheet, then email it to

  • Students can be added manually to courses once they have updated their passwords and logged into

  • You can add Non-Editing Instructors and Tutors using this same process, but changing the Assign Role as appropriate.

To add students manually ...

  1. Go to Course Administration > Users > Enrolled Users

add students

  1. Set the Enrollment Options

enrollment options

  1. Then search by student's name (personal or family)

  2. Select the student(s) - if the student doesn't show up when you search, they may already have been added to the course or they may not have logged into 

search name

  1. Click the Enrol Users button once you have selected everyone to be added to the course.

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