Groups & Groupings - Creating & Using - 3.9

Groups vs Groupings

Groups are used to

  • teach multiple course sections using one course page
  • filter grade book
  • for group assignment submissions (set up groups first)
  • group discussions and collaborative activities
  • provide access to resources or activities to a specific student or group of students (using resource or activity Restrictions)

Groupings are used to

Resources and Activities can be configured with no groups, visible groups or separate groups.

  • No groups - activities and resources are available to everyone in the course once they are visible in a course
  • Visible - group members interact in their own group, but can see what other groups are doing.  Mainly used for Discussion Forums.

Example: a student in one group can view forum postings from another group, but they can't respond to those postings, only to postings from within their own group.

  • Separate (hidden) - each group member can only see and respond to forum postings from other members of their own group; postings from everyone else are hidden.