ILP Groups & Section Grouping

When more than one section (e.g. 01I & 01D or OL01, OL02, etc.) are linked by the ILP for a specific course, the ILP creates a group for each section and sets the groups to Visible Groups in the Course Administration > Edit Settings.  As per Darrell Bethune's directions, June 24, 2021, COTROnline switches the group setting to Separate Groups.

DO NOT remove the ILP created groups.  Removing ILP created groups will remove all students in a course.

ILP created groups will look like this:

ILP Groups - don't remove

Create umbrella groups for sections with I, D, and/or R components  (e.g. BUSI-101-01D, BUSI-101-01I, BUSI-101-01R), groups must be labelled to appear at the top of the list, so all students in the same section can interact with each other.

To create groups that automatically update as student registrations change, go to Course Administration > Users > Groups

Groups link in course administration

In the Grouping tab, Create a Grouping for each set of sections to be combined (e.g. Section 01 Grouping for BUSI-101-01D, BUSI-101-01I, BUSI-101-01R sections)

creating groupings

Use CTRL to select multiple sections from the Potential Members list, then click Add

adding groups to groupings

Click the Back to Groupings to return to the Grouping tab, then click the Groups tab to Auto-Create Groups

Auto-create groups

In the Auto-Create Groups form > General:

  • In the Naming Scheme, name the section group (we recommend starting with the sections number, so the new group falls at the top of the list of Groups).
  • Set the Auto Create Based On to Number of Groups
  • Set the Group/Member Count to 1

In the Auto-Create Groups form > Group Members:

  • Chose the Section Grouping in the Select Members from Grouping

In the Auto-Create Groups form > Grouping:

  • Set the Grouping of Auto-created Groups to No Grouping
Click Submit to create the section umbrella group
Auto-create groups

The final result will look like this and will update automatically as students add, remove, and change sections:


If you encounter any difficulties or would like some help, please send an email to indicating when you are available and we will set up a Teams meeting to work with you.