Writing a Research Paper

Topic Sentences

  • are usually the first sentence in a paragraph
  • help organize the paragraph by identifying the information to be covered in that paragraph.
  • connect the topic of a specific paragraph to the thesis statement


It should be mandatory for everyone to where a bicycle helmet.   

(This sentence that clearly states that bicycle helmets are important, but doesn’t tell the reader why they are important or identify the key ideas to be discussed in the paragraph.)

Bicycle helmets should be mandatory because they have a vital role in improving road safety and accident survival rates.

(This sentence clearly states that helmets are important but also tells why, with the why relating back to the thesis statement.  The sentence also identifies two topics that can be expanded on in the body of the paper.)

   (13.03 minutes)

Resources to help develop a strong topic sentences

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.  Mastering the Fundamentals of College Reading & Writing (3.01 minutes)

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