Grade Book Customization

Grade Book Overview

IMPORTANT: The Grade Book is powerful and complex; it can accommodate a very wide range of setups. If you are at all unsure when working in the Grade Book, please contact and ask for help; it takes less time to help set things up correctly, then it does to find errors.

View: Collection of different grade report views.

  • Grader report: Used to view and edit grades for all students in a course for all assignments.
  • Single view: View and edit one student or one assignment at a time.
  • User report: View detailed report of one student.

Setup: Used to set up the grade book and change the display settings.

  • Grade book setup: Set up grade book for use. View and edit grade item weight and settings.
  • Grader report: Preferences: Changes the display settings of Grader report. Use cautiously; drastic changes confuse students.

Scales: View existing qualitative scales. Scales are set site-wide, so please contact if you cannot find a scale that fits your needs.

Letters: Set up and edit letter grades for a specific course. Note, grade boundaries vary between programs, so check the course outline.

  • View: View existing grade boundaries.
  • Edit: Edit grade boundaries and grade values to match letter grades in a course outline.

Import: Import grades from an external file.

Export: Export a course grade book as an Excel file (other formats are available).

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