Updating Your Newly Restored Course

Course Settings

  • Administration block > Course Administration > Edit Settings
    check and if necessary update Course Start Date and Groups
    course settings to be checked

  • Start Date 
    • If you want your weeks to start on a Monday, then the Start Date needs to be the Monday of the week your course starts, even if the first class occurs on a Thursday (e.g. Fall semester starts on a Wednesday, but course start dates are set for the Labour Day Monday, September 6)
    • If you have additional topics (e.g. assignment information, policies, etc.)
      example of extra topics
      then push the Start Date back one week for every extra topic (e.g. in the example above, the start date would be August 16)
      example of course start and end dates

  • Groups
    • If Group Mode is set to anything else, change it to No Groups
      group settings with no groups