Add Blocks

HTML Blocks

  • The HTML block allows you to create unique blocks that contain video, text, links, images, etc..
  • HTML blocks can be used for a variety of functions from posting office hours, MS Teams Meeting links, to adding external links.

To add and configure an HTML block ...

  1. Follow the steps in Add Block
  2. Select HTML from the “ADD A BLOCK” menu.
  3. A new block will appear with the title NEW HTML BLOCK
undeveloped HTML block
  1. Click on the Block Action icon to access the action menu
  1. Select Configure New HTML Block
  2. In the window that opens, add the HTML Block Title
  3. Add Content
HTML block configuration - adding content
  1. Update settings to show where the block will display
block configuration settings
  1. Save Changes
sample html block
  1. Move the HTML block if necessary