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Getting Help & Student Cards

Getting Help & Student Cards

by Susan Fleming, -
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Information to help you get help in a timely manner......................

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Need help but don't know who to ask?  Check here.

when sending an email, it is important to include the following, so we can respond quickly and effectively:

·         Your full name

·         Your student ID

·         Your course

·         The activity or resource you are having problems with (include the URL from the top of the page)

·         Detailed directions as to what you are trying to do (example:  Login into my course; set up email; register for my course(s); pay for my courses; contact my instructor; etc.)

·         URL(s) of the pages you are trying to access

·         Where you are located

·         Best times to contact you (your time, not ours - we will figure out the time difference)

·         Best way to contact you (we may not use it, but include a phone number)

·         Do you have MS Teams

·         What type of computer are you using

·         Which web browser (FireFox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Internet Edge, Opera, Safari, etc.)

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