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Move toward a single login

Move toward a single login

by Susan Fleming, -
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The Education Technology and IT departments have started the process of simplifying your lives and we are updating COTR Online (Moodle) usernames as part of this process. 

If you are already using your student ID (c0012345) to access your online courses, then you will see no change.

But if your username is something like murphy or snow1234, then your username will be changing to your student ID over the next few months. 

If you are taking courses during the Spring semester and they have an online component, your username will be changing over the next two weeks.  NOTE:  your password is not being changed.

If we do change your username, we will notify you by email. However, sometimes our emails may not reach you  (they may get caught in spam filters along the way.) If you cannot log into your COTR Online (Moodle) account with your old username, please retry using your student ID (something like c0012345).

If you have problems, or just want to have your username updated to be ready for the change, please don't hesitate to contact the COTR Online Help Desk or 1-877-489-2687 local 3737