These links provide directions for creating a new MS Word document

- multi-page site with clear directions for adding & editing a header, including having different information on the first page of a document

Good practices when saving a document:

  • include the Course, Assignment and your name (example:  ENGL100-RhetoricalPrecis-JDoe)
  • add a number at the end of the file name (example:  ENGL100-RhetoricalPrecis-JDoe1, ENGL100-RhetoricalPrecis-JDoe2, ENGL100-RhetoricalPrecis-JDoe3, etc.)
         - this means you can go back to a specific stage of your work if you make a mistake
  • pick the location where you want the document saved (example:  Documents, Desktop, a specific folder on your MS One Drive, etc.)
         - NOTE, if you are using the College's MS One Drive, your account will be deactivated once you are no longer a student and you won't have access to anything you have saved there.

>How to Save Your Documents:

These links provide directions for saving a MS Word document

How to Save a MS Word Document by Wiki How
- Steps 4 and 5 are particularly important if you want to be able to find your document again.

How to Save & Share Microsoft Word Documents by

How to Save a Word Document as a PDF by BetterCloud

Save MS Office Files to Local PC Instead of OneDrive by Online Tech Tips

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