Participating in Discussion Forums

A key part of online learning are the discussion forums.

To find out how you do this, you can watch this short video,


or take a look at the following directions:

  1. Discussion forums are identified by this icon: Discussion Forum icon
  2. To open a discussion forum, click on the icon and the words beside it.
  3. The discussion forum will open and look something like this:Discussion Forum overview
  4. And if someone has already posted to the forum, the contributions will include this information:Discussion Forum overview
  5. To contribute to the discussion, you create a post by clicking on the Add a New Discussion Topic button: Add a new discussion topic button
  6. The page that will open will look like this and you will need to add the content:Discussion Forum post
  7. Don't forget to Save your post when you are done.


  • If you don't have a strong internet connection, or you have a very long post, you can create it in Word, then copy it into the Message box. Directions for doing this, can be found here.
  • If you encounter a database error, try removing any emoticons you have used.  If the problem persists, contact the COTROnline Help Desk (contact information below)

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