Assignments - Complete an Online Text Assignment

For some assignments, you will be typing directly in the assignment window.  To find out how this works, you can watch this video:

Or follow these directions:

Begin by finding the Assignment; it will have an icon that looks like this: assignment icon

Click on the assignment title to open it.  You will find directions for completing the assignment, information about when the assignment is due and it's current status.

When you are ready to complete the assignment, click the Add Submission button.

Online Text Assignment

You will add your response in the Online text box that opens.  You can type directly into this box or you can copy and paste content that you have created in a Word document.

Online Text Assignment

Save your changes when you are done. You can return and edit your submission provided you don't also click the Submit Assignment button.

When you are finished editing your assignment, click the Submit Assignment button.

Online Text Assignment

You will be asked if you are sure you want to submit your assignment for grading.  This is the last opportunity to go back to your assignment and make more changes - this is done by clicking Cancel. 

If you are happy with your response, click Continue.

Online Text Assignment

The Submission Status of a successfully submitted assignment will show Submitted for Grading and will include a copy of your response.

Online Text Assignment




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