Editing your COTROnline profile

To help your instructor and classmates get to know you, it is important that you add a photo to your profile, identify where you live - this is particularly important if you are working in a group because of time zone differences, and tell people a little bit about yourself.

To edit your profile, either watch this video or follow the step-by-step directions below.


To begin,open the drop-down menu found in the top right of the COTROnline page, beside your name/photo, and select Profile:

Editing you COTROnline Profile

On the page that opens, click on the Edit Profile link:

Edit your COTROnline Profile

Add the City/town

Use the Description box to tell people who you are - this is optional and the amount of detail is up to you.

Upload a photo of yourself to the New Picture box - you do this by either dragging a file into the box provided or clicking on the Add File icon and searching for a file.  Remember to make sure the photo is small and under 50 KB.

Edit your COTROnline profile

When you are done, click Update Profile

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