Skype for Business Web App

Join a Meeting

System Requirements


  1. Check system and browser requirements: 
  2. Ensure that speakers, mic, and camera work as configured. 
    • On a PC:  Run a test with a regular sound file or streaming audio, record your voice with the ‘Record’ app, and make a video with the ‘Camera’ app. 
    • On a MAC:  ‘Photo Booth’ will test the camera, the mic can be tested in QuickTime by selecting “New Audio Recording”.
  3. Determine device default settings. 
    • Skype will choose whichever camera, mic, and speakers are set to default, and will not allow you to toggle them; therefore, you must search for ‘devices’. 
    • The default will be denoted by a green check mark.  This can be changed by right-clicking and locating “set as default” in the menu.
    • Keep in mind that many computers have built-in mics and cameras, so the one that is plugged into the machine may not be the default.
  4. Make sure that you don't have a personal version of the Skype program running on your computer. 
    • The Skype for Business web app is a browser-based application, and running the regular version of Skype will interfere with it.
  5. When you have clicked on the link to join the meeting, make sure that you use your College of the Rockies network credentials, not your Skype, MSN, Gmail or other social media login.

  6. Contact the IT Student Help Desk ( ) or the COTROnline Moodle Help Desk ( if you continue to have difficulties.
Last modified: Monday, 14 August 2017, 12:49 PM