Turning Off Email Notifications - 3.5

Preferences control a variety of things, but the most important are what you receive in regards to notifications.

To access the Preferences menu, click on the drop-down arrow beside your name in the top right corner of the screen:

Finding preference page

The Preferences page has a number of options, but the ones that control which notifications you receive (and how you receive them) are Forum preferences, Message preferences, and Notification preferences:

Preference selection list

Message preferences allows you to turn off emails with personal messages from users on the COTROnline site, but we HIGHLY recommend you do not change these:

Message preference options

Notification preferences controls which activity notifications you receive and how. The default is an email notification, but there is also an option for a pop-up notification. If you wish to activate this, simply click on the Off button associated with the notification you wish to activate:

Notification Preference Options

Forum preferences lets you decide if you will receive a notification each time someone posts to a discussion or one notification a day. It also determines whether or not new posts are identified for you:

Forum Preference Options

Note: anytime you see question mark to open a window for additional information, click on it to get additional information about that specific item.

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