Lunch and Learn: Discussion at High Noon

1) Into the Writing Lab: Getting Students Writing Early, Often and Effectively

This session focuses on how the Writing Lab can better serve you and your students.  Penny Long and Caley Ehnes will co-facilitate a presentation and discussion on the many aspects of planning, organizing and managing the writing process that contribute to a successful writing assignment.  Please join us to learn more about how your students—both international and domestic—might benefit from Writing Lab support and the proven strategies they employ.

2) Electronic Portfolios: Multimodal Curriculum and Learner-centered Engagement

This Lunch & Learn session will showcase ePortfolio use at The College of the Rockies and provide discussion/feedback regarding integration and use strategies.  This Winter Term four different instructors are currently integrating electronic portfolios into their courses.  Last term we successfully piloted two integrations in Nursing courses.  Come share in the stories of your colleagues Stephanie Obara, Dawn Storgaard, Jen Siemens, and their students regarding their own experiences.  We will show example ePortfolios, discuss assignments, and profile different uses.

3) Indigenizing Approaches and Activities for the Classroom: Using the New BC Campus Indigenization Guide as a Foundation for Learning

Facilitated by Scott Gerrity, Jo Ann Smith, Karen Smith and Avery Hulbert, this Lunch & Learn session focuses on the comprehensive new open textbook Indigenization Guide recently published by BC Campus.  The guide, authored and compiled by Indigenous post-secondary colleagues across BC, is actually a series of guides that include Foundations; Leaders and Administrators; Teachers and Instructors; Front-line Staff, Student Services and Advisors’ Curriculum Developers; and Researchers.  We will profile the Foundations and Teachers and Instructors guides, the multitude of uses, practices and activities presented there.  The official title of the publication is “Pulling Together: A Guide for Indigenization of Post-Secondary Institutions” and the guides can be downloaded from

4) Strengthening your Course Outline: Mapping Clear Relationships between Learning Outcomes, Learning Materials, and Assessments

This Lunch & Learn session targets all of you who plan to submit revised course outlines to the Curriculum Standing Committee (CSC) for the coming year.  Of course, it’s open to anyone who would like to learn more about how the various components of the course outline might align better.  We will explore models such as Bloom’s taxonomy, map out a sample course outline, and discuss how the CSC conducts its reviews and recommendations.  This session is co-facilitated by Scott Gerrity and another member of the CSC.

6) Land-based and Place-based Learning: Values, Principles, Practices & Settings

Land-based Learning.ppt

This session will explore pedagogic approaches to land and place base learning through an Indigenous Worldview.  Other related approaches will be explored as well, such as adventure and environmental learning.  We will present curriculum models and activities, and engage in discussion regarding logistics, learning goals, and community resources.  We will also explore how to enact simple events that you can do right now with your students! You may wish to open the PowerPoint and follow along since the screen on the video is difficult to read.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

1) Activity Completion and Restrictions

This session covers the many ins and outs of using the activity completion and restrictions framework. These options allow you to structure your COTROnline course so that students have to complete an activity, assignment or reading before they can move onto the next.  Certain restrictions can also be placed on an activity, such as a passing mark or percentage on quizzes or assignments, before the activity is considered complete.  Susan Fleming, Pavel Santos and Scott Gerrity will co-facilitate a Show and Tell on this topic.

2) Using Groups and Grouping for Activities

This session will cover the many ins and outs of using groups and groupings for activities such as discussion forums, wikis, quizzes and lessons. These options allow you to create many different groups and types of groupings for specific assignments or engagements.  Susan Fleming, Pavel Santos and Scott Gerrity will co-facilitate a Show and Tell session on this topic.

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