Gradebook Explained

There is a Gradebook in every course. If you cannot see it in your Navigation block (found in the left-hand column of your course page) then your instructor may be using an alternate method to track course marks.

Take a look at the information below or watch this short video:

1. To access your course grade book, go to the course and click on cog/flower icon under your name.

top right corner of course page with Course Management icon circled

2. Select Grades from Grades in the Course Dashboard pop-up.

Course Dashboard with Grades in the bottom left circled

Or go to the Navigation block for the course (left-hand column) and select Grades.

Course navigation block with course name and Grades circled.  Arrows point from course name to Grades.

Grade book categories are based on the Course Outline Evaluation and Assessment:

Grade book & Evaluation and Assessment

What you see in your personal Gradebook is the Course Categories with the Individual Activities that are visible to you on the course page

If an Activity has been marked, you will see the grade for that item as a Mark and a Percentage.

The Category and course totals will show a mark out of 100 and a percentage. 

The Category and course totals will change and the numbers will get higher as you complete more activities, but what you see at any specific time is the mark you would get at that time if you did no additional work in the course.

Note: Low value activities usually occur early in a course, so your mark may remain low until almost the end of the course when final exams occur and/or major assignments are submitted.

example of grade book with explainations

explaining grade book - course total

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