Start Here

Welcome to your online course. The top section of your main course page contains several bits of important information.  Click on each of the links to find out more information about:

  • Your instructor and how to contact him/her
  • Course Outline
    • Provides detailed information about the course, what you will learn, textbooks, how you will be evaluated, etc.
  • Course Syllabus (your instructor may or may not provide a syllabus)
    • Information about course topics and course guidelines
  • Important Information About This Course
    • A quick summary of the learning outcomes, assignments, and required texts
  • Need Help? Not sure who to ask?
    • Information to help you find help for academic, personal, and/or technical problems you may encounter as a student.
  • Student Lounge
    • This is a student forum.  It’s an informal place for students to chat about assignments, ideas, family, pets, or anything else.  Think of it as the place to chat about anything you would talk to peers about if you were in face-to-face classes together.  If you were hanging out and having coffee together, what would you talk about?  You can talk about all that online in this forum.  It’s a great place to get connected and support one another.
    • If this website supports a face-to-face course, this may not be available.
  • Course Announcements
    • This is where your instructor will post important messages for the entire class to read.
    • It’s very important to read ALL messages posted here.  Check it often!

Once you've read through all of the pages in the top section of your course's main page, you can move on to look at the activities and readings for the first week. 

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