COTROnline - Interpreting the Icons

forum icon  Discussion Forum

Chat icon  Chat

Assignment icon  Assignment

Kaltura Video Assignment icon  Kaltura Audio/Video Assignment

quiz icon  Quiz

choice icon  Choice

link icon  URL Link

Book icon  Book

page icon  Page

Excel File icon or PDF File icon or Word file icon   File - the icon depends on the type of file

Kaltura Video Resource icon  Kaltura Audio/Video Resource

Lesson icon  Lesson

questionnaire icon  Questionnaire

Attendance icon  Attendance

wikki icon  Wiki

Glossary icon  Glossary

File Icon  or File Icon  Folder - the icon varies depending what type of file is in the folder

Database icon  Database

Feedback icon  Feedback

hot potato icon  Hot Potato

Geobra Icon  Geobra

Virtual Programming Lab icon  Virtual Programming Lab

External Tool Icon  External Tool - example:  Maple TA

H5P Icon  H5P



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