Text Editor Icons

Overview of Text Edit Icons

Paste from Word icon

Paste from Word

Font size icon & list

Font / Heading Size

Styles Icon

Style sheets

(font sizes)



Font Colour Picker icon

Font Colour Picker

Highlight Picker Icon

Highlight Colour Picker

Underline Icon

Underline Text

Bold icon

Bold Text

Italic icon

Italicize Text

Strike Through icon

Strike Through

Subscript icon


Superscript icon


Emoticon icon

Add Emoticon

Add URL Link icon

Add URL Link

Remove URL Link icon

Remove URL Link

Bulletted List icon

Bulleted List

Numbered List icon

Numbered List

Horizontal Line icon

Add Horizontal Line

Justify Right - Centre - Justify Left icon

Justify Left - Centre - Justify Right

Left Indent - Right Indent

Indent Right - Indent Left

Sketch icon


Add Image icon

Add Image

Add Kaltura Video / Audio icon

Add Kaltura Video

Add Lecture Capture icon

Add Lecture Capture Video

Record Audio icon

Record Audio

   (5 minute maximum)
Record Video with Webcam icon

Record Webcam/Smartphone Video

   (3 minute maximum)
Add File icon

Add Files

   (Word, Excel, PPT, jpg, ...)
Insert Table

Insert Table

Insert Character icon

Insert Character

Equation Editor icon

Equation Editor

mathslate icon


Undo - Redo icons

Undo - Redo

Clear formatting icon

Clear Formatting

Accessibility Checker icons

Accessibility Check

Visual & Audio
Prevent Auto-linking icon

Prevent Auto-Linking 

(to Glossary)
Add Correction Comments icons

Add Corrections - Comments

HTML icon

HTML Code View

Full Screen icon

Full Screen

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