IT Resources Available if You Need to Work From Home

Employees who may require remote access to college resources, such as Colleague or shared drives where you store files, should request being issued a laptop computer to replace their current desktop computer. If you choose to replace your laptop, you do get to keep the larger monitor(s), keyboard and mouse that you currently use. You won’t have to give those up to make the switch. Also included is the college’s security suite so you can work with the comfort of knowing that your device is protected. Additionally, the IT Services dept will be able to provide help desk for support for a college issued device.


Having a laptop or Surface will give you access to all the programs you currently have on your desktop plus you will have access to the college’s VPN


The IT services dept is also able to provide training in some of the remote access tools to get you started. Talk to your program coordinator to get a few people together and we’ll come to your meeting.


VPN access

  • Knowing that many people would still need access to onsite resources, the IT services department has instituted a VPN solution to allow off campus users the ability to access on campus resources that are not able to be accessed through any other method.

Who can connect?

  • Any COTR staff and faculty can utilize the VPN connection.

Can I use my personal computer?

  • No, the VPN is restricted to COTR owned Laptops. IT services has laptops which can be issued for employees to use both on campus and off campus. These are issued on an as needed basis.

How do I get a laptop?

  • Submit a Fame ticket, IT services will connect with your supervisor to verify the request. We will prep a laptop for you.
  • You will need to ensure that you do not have any files stored on the desktop of your current computer. (move them to the G drive)
  • IT services will swap out your desktop for a laptop, you will keep the larger monitors on your desk and get a docking station to use with your laptop.
  • If you only want to work from the laptop and have no need for the larger monitors we can remove those from your workspace and re-purpose them.

How do I connect?

  • Follow the directions here

When should I connect?

  • Anytime you are using unsecured (public) wifi and want to access college services.
  • Anytime you need to access protected College services like Colleague or a shared drive

Are there other ways to access my files

  • Your files (especially ones you share with other people in the college) can be moved to SharePoint, which has a different file structure and is accessible without the use of the VPN. IT Services won’t move the files for you but can help your department get started.
  • Personal files, like from your "G drive" that you need to work on frequently can be placed in your one drive for business. IT services Help desk staff can help you set that up. You will be able to access them from outside the college (and inside the college too)


Last modified: Monday, 16 March 2020, 3:06 PM