Student Generated Flashcards using the Database Activity

  1. Create a new Database Activity and click “Save and Display”.
  2. Select the Presets Tab: 

  3. Download this file and save it to your local drive
  4. Find the Import option located in the middle of the page. 
  5. Drag the zip file into the Choose File box, then click Import:
  6. Do not change the default Field Mappings.
  7. Tick the Overwrite Current Settings, then click Continue:
  8. Click the Continue button once more and the database is ready for students to begin adding entries:

Once set up, the database can be duplicated within your course as often as you want and moved wherever it is needed. 

You can update the Database Activity Administration > Edit Settings:

But, please DO NOT change the Templates, Fields, or Presets because doing so, will break things:

Important: database content is considered to be user content and is not restored when a course is restored without users.

Last modified: Thursday, 16 July 2020, 4:46 PM