Copy Content Between Courses

To begin, open the activity/resource you wish to copy into another course. 

NOTEDo NOT use this method to copy quiz activities.  Each time a quiz activity is copied into another course, it copies the entire question bank.  Use the quiz Export/Import function to copy questions between courses, then create the quiz manually in the new course.

In the activity/resource Administration block, click on the Backup link

On the Initial Settings page, remove all ticks except the one for Include Activities and Resources

Click Jump to Final Step

The item backup will start

When the backup file shows successfully created, click Continue

On the Import a Backup File page, scroll down to find the User Private Backup Area

The item at the top of the list will be the just completed backup file

Click Restore

On the Confirm page, no changes are required, so click Continue

On the Destination page, Search for the course to which you wish to add the activity/resource.  Use the course short name (e.g. COUR100_OL_2021FA) to search.

Select the appropriate course from the list that displays.

Click Continue

On the Settings page, no changes are required, so click Next.

DO NOT change the Include Manual Enrollments to Yes

On the Schema page, no changes are required, so click Next.

On the Review page, no changes are required, so click Perform Restore.

The restore will start. 

When it shows the course was restored successfully, click Continue

The restored activity/resource will display at the bottom of the week/topic which corresponds to its original location (e.g. if the item was in week 4 in the original course, the copy can be found in week 4 of the current course)

Use the four-way arrows  to move the restored activity/resource as appropriate



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