Finding your courses

These directions will help you to access your courses, provided you are enrolled and have a COTROnline account. To begin, you may watch the video posted below, or see the written directions beneath it:

  1. Begin by  logging into COTROnline.

  2. In the top navigation bar, you will see My courses and My Dashboard. These will be your main sources for accessing your courses. 


  3. Hover over My Courses to see a dropdown of the active courses you are currently enrolled in. Once you select a course from the dropdown, you will be directed to the course-page.


    : you will only see currently active courses, and if you are enrolled in more than 10 courses, you must go to My Dashboard

  4. Courses that are hidden won't be visible and those that have not yet reached their Start Date, or are past their End Date, must be accessed through My Dashboard.

  5. Once you click on your Dashboard, scroll down the page until you find the Course Overview section. You may have more than one page of courses here:

  6. screenshot

    Note: There are a few options for filtering courses. You can sort by either past, present, or future courses, and display them in either a card or list format. 


  1.  For quick access, use Bookmarks to link to your course(s) or specific activities/resources within a course:


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