In your face-to-face/in-person classes, you may be asked to complete in-class assessments and submit physical essays or reports to your instructor. 

  • But what if there is ALSO an assignment dropbox in COTROnline? Where should you submit?!
  • Where do you see your grade record? Your feedback and comments?

Many instructors use COTROnline to differing variations of integration in their courses. This means that in a single semester you might have:

  • one instructor who never uses COTROnline except to show you your final grade,
  • another instructor who uses COTROnline to receive and grade all assessment submissions, and
  • another instructor who receives physical paper submissions in-class but sends you your grades and feedback via COTROnline.

It is really important that you read all the course instructions so that you correctly submit your work, whether that be in-person or online through a dropbox.

Please review our Gradebook Explained guide for accessing your posted grades. Please note, if your instructor has not yet released the grade item, you may not be able to see it listed there.

Last modified: Friday, 13 October 2023, 3:37 PM