4. Add a Link to your Discussion Forum Post

Linking to referenced material, including news sources, citations, or your own work hosted elsewhere (ie. a Prezi or YouTube video) can be helpful in reducing the post content for readers.

**Be sure to read your forum instructions before using links. For example, if the instructor wants your material attached, you will need to use the Attach a File instructions.**

Step 1: Select the text where you want to insert the link or place your cursor in the location where you want to insert the link.

Step 2: Insert a link using the 'link' icon from the text editor menu.

Note: Entering the link versus display text

Your link will need to be a proper url which begins with https://... 

The display text will either be automatically filled - if you highlighted text to link - or you will need to give the link display text.

**Do not choose to 'open in new window'. 

Step 3: Select Post to Forum

Note: Make sure you fill out the required fields such as Subject and Message. Otherwise you will not be able to save and post to the forum. Once you are finished click on the “Post to forum”.