Write a Quiz, Test, or Online Exam

Three or four weeks prior to an exam or quiz that needs invigilating (instructor will specify which if any need an invigilator); view the Distance / Online Learning Exam page, read the documentation and submit the invigilation form.

To find out how an online quiz works, check this video

or review these directions:

  When it is time to do an online quiz or exam:

  1. Locate the Quiz, identified by Quiz Icon on the COTROnline course page and and click on the link.

  2. You will be taken to the Quiz summary screen where you can view any instructions your instructor may have provided as well as any information about the time limit for the Quiz, number of attempts, grading method and the Quiz period. Pay careful attention to this screen:
    taking quizzes - directions
  3. Once you are sure you want to begin an attempt click Attempt Quiz Now. Once you click this a pop up screen will appear asking if you are sure you wish to begin your attempt. Once you click Start attempt, your attempt is in progress, be VERY sure you wish to start:
    taking quizzes - directions

  4. Within the quiz, you will find the Quiz Navigation located at the top left hand corner of the screen. The quiz navigation contains a link to each question, a link to finish the attempt which will take you the final page of the screen, and you will see a timer:
    taking quizzes - directions

    If the questions are multiple choice or true/false they will look something like this (the True/False questions will only have those two options):
    taking quizzes - directions

  5. Click the Next button at the bottom of the page to save your answers and move to the next page:
    taking quizzes - directions
  6. When you have answered all the questions, you will see a summary which allows you to check for missed answers. If you are sure you want to submit your attempt, click Submit all and finish:
    taking quizzes - directions 
  7. You receive a final prompt to confirm that you wish to Submit all and Finish:
    taking quizzes - directions  
  8. You will see a summary of your attempt and, if the instructor has allowed, you may have the option to review your answers; to review an attempt number click on Review link:
    taking quizzes - directions

NOTE:   When quiz results show depends on what your teacher has specified; in many cases they will not show until after the quiz closes. If essay type questions are used, they must be marked manually it will take extra time to receive your results.

There is a Sample Quiz available if you want to try an online quiz.  The quiz uses Respondus Lockdown Browser.  The self enrollment key is:  welcome

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