The default for Forum Notifications is one message/email for every new post.  If this is too many, you can adjust your personal settings.

Access Forum Preferences

1. Click on the drop-down beside your name and from the popup window select Preferences.

Displays your profile menu with "Preferences" circled in Yellow

2. Select Forum Preferences

Displays User Preferences Menu

Forum Preferences Options

1. Change Email Digest Type:

The email digest sets the frequency of your notifications, whether you receive a notification for every post or a single daily notification of all posts.

2. Set Subscription behaviour:

The default is 'auto-subscribe', meaning that after posting to a forum you are subscribed to that discussion thread. You will see any comments/replies posted in response to your post.

To subscribe or unsubscribe from an entire forum (all discussion threads) you need to apply this setting within the course itself (see below).

3. Set Forum Tracking behaviour:

Tracking establishes whether you have read the posts in a forum or not. When tracking is on (the default), you will see a small notification displayed beside the forum on your course homepage with the number of posts you have not yet read.

If you are receiving notifications, these can automatically be set to mark the post as read because you will know what you have and have not read in your notifications inbox.

4. When you are done, Save Changes

You can set your notification preferences, such as sending you an email versus only a notification symbol, via the notifications options in your profile preferences.

Setting Preferences within a single Discussion Forum

When you are in a discussion forum you can see these same preferences listed in the menu on the left hand side (on a laptop or desktop).

Select "Auto subscription" to toggle your discussion topic subscription setting on and off.

Select "Track(don't track) unread posts" to toggle your notification settings.

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