2. Finding Your Courses

These directions will help you to access your courses, provided you are enrolled and have a COTROnline account.

  1. Log-in to COTROnline.

  2. In the top navigation bar, you will see My Courses and My Dashboard along with some other options:

  3. Click on My Courses, to see a drop-down list of the active courses you are currently enrolled in.

    'My Courses' Tab is Missing?

    NOTE: If none of your current courses are open (or 'not hidden'), the My Courses tab will disappear from the menu bar.

    You can find your courses under your Dashboard. Classes will be available under 'My Courses' in the first week of class."

    COTROnline drop-down menus with My Courses and My Dashboard circled in yellow.
  4. Double-click on My Courses to open the Course Overview page.

    NOTE: You will only see currently active and not hidden courses in the My Courses drop-down and if you are enrolled in more than 10 courses, you must go to the Course Overview to see all your courses.

    NOTE: Courses that are not hidden but have not yet reached their Start Date, or are past their End Date, may be accessed through the Course Overview.

    Course Overview page, viewed when "My Courses" tab is double-clicked.
  5. To go to a specific course page, simply click on the course title:
    My Courses open with drop-down list and directions to click on selected courses in yellow.
  6. You can also access your courses by clicking on My Dashboard and scrolling down to the Course Overview widget at the bottom of the screen.

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