Please register for these workshops in advance, even if attending in person, so that you will receive an outlook calendar invite and a Teams link in case you cannot make the in person session.

Orientation to Gradebook

HyBrid:September 27 + 28

The Gradebook can be configured to all different kinds of grading purposes, in order to deliver personalized learning assessments that work with the course and how progress is tracked and calculated. This session will orient participants to the Gradebook function in Moodle, or COTRonline, preparing them to use the Gradebook as a place to record and share grades with students.

Gradebook Workshop Recording

Orientation to COTROnline (Moodle)

In-Person: Wednesday January 3 - 3-4pm (KC 131)
Online: Friday January 5 - 11am-12pm MT

Moodle, (COTRonline), is the College of the Rockies Learning Management System (LMS). Moodle allows you to create and deliver personalized learning environments for your students. This session introduces the online space to instructors, orienting them to how course spaces can be used to support their teaching and students' learning.

Orientation Workshop Recording

Using Groups and Restrictions in COTROnline (Moodle)

Wednesday January 17, 3-4pm MT
In-Person/Online Hybrid - KC131 or via Teams

Group and Restriction Settings in Moodle help you to organize your courses in many ways. These include easier ways to delivery to both online and face to face classes and effectively assign group projects. This workshop will help faculty leverage these group restriction and selective release features in their course.

Group and Restrictions Workshop Recording

COTROnline (Moodle) Troubleshooting Drop-In

Friday January 19, 11am-12pm MT
In-Person/Online Hybrid - KC131 or via Teams

Open Drop-In to troubleshoot any concerns arising in the first few weeks of classes. Join in-person or via Teams. We can address any elements of course set-up including groups, selective release (restrictions), creating gradebooks, quizzes and other assessments, course element visibility settings, and more.

De-Mystifying COTROnline (Moodle) Quizzes

Wednesday January 31, 3-4pm MT
Friday February 2, 11am-12pm MT
In-Person/Online Hybrid - KC131 or via Teams

With the Moodle Quiz activity instructors can assess and provide students’ quick feedback on their understanding of course materials. Quiz functions can autograde, providing rapid feedback and increase student success. These two sessions will orient users to the key settings of the Quiz tool and assist in leveraging its various applications for formative and summative assessment and offering increased feedback for students in courses. Time will be allotted for troubleshooting Quizzes.

Quizzes Workshop Recording

Classroom Tech & Moodle Delivery

Wednesday February 14, 3-4pm MT
Friday February 16, 11am-12pm MT
In-Person/Online Hybrid - KC131 or via Teams

Moodle (COTROnline) provides a digital, virtual space for classroom activity and assessment. It can also enhance the face-to-face classroom experience when used deliberately and strategically. This workshop will examine the various physical classroom learning strategies that, when combined with COTROnline resources, can augment student learning. Time will be allotted for troubleshooting classroom tech.

Classroom Tech Workshop Recording

Using Forums to Build Community

Wednesday February 28, 3-4pm MT
Friday March 1, 12pm-1pm MT
In-Person/Online Hybrid - KC131 or via Teams

Please join this workshop if you are interested in discovering ways to operate Moodle Forum to encourage discussion online and deepen students' connections to course content. From Forums set-up to implementing an impromptu "exam", these tips can be applied to online courses that are already up and running. Time will be allotted for troubleshooting forums.

Groups & Forums Workshop Recording

Moodle Gradebook Drop-In

Wednesday March 13, 3-4pm MT
Friday March 15, 11am-12pm MT
In-Person/Online Hybrid - KC131 or via Teams

Workshop and troubleshoot your course gradebook at one of two drop-in sessions. Come along in-person or online for as long as you need. For in-person, please bring your laptop along to work on the gradebook for your course(s) in real time. The drop-in session will also offer guidance on setting up and linking final assessments through Moodle Quiz and Assignment submissions.

Leveraging Kaltura, H5P and other Advanced Content Features in COTROnline

Wednesday April 3, 3-4pm MT
Friday April 5, 12pm-1pm MT
In-Person/Online Hybrid - KC131 or via Teams

This workshop is designed to help Instructors leverage some of the more advanced digital and interactive components of a COTROnline course platform in Moodle to deliver on key learning objectives. The session will explore best practices when integrating Kaltura or other video content and H5P activities into both in-person and online deliveries.

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Spring/Summer 2024

Course Rebuild on COTROnline Drop-In

Available in one-hour slots,Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (at 10:00AM, 11:00AM, 1:00PM and 2:00PM), from May-August

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The Course Rebuild on COTROnline initiative offers personalized hour-long one-on-one sessions, designed to enhance your skills in utilizing the UDL template or structuring existing course shells for optimal organization on COTROnline. Learn strategies for managing weekly sections, blocks, activities and resources, the gradebook, the lockdown browser, and cleaning up and categorizing the question bank on the COTROnline platform etc. This initiative will run throughout the Spring-Summer semester with morning and afternoon slots available.

eLearning Opportunities for Addressing Intercultural Barriers Series

Tuesdays from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM on the following dates: (Session 1: May 28, Session 2: June 11, Session 3: June 18, Session 4: June 25)
All four session will run again Thursdays from 2:00PM-3:00PM in August (August 1st August 8th, August 15th, August 22nd)

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Cultural differences, language barriers, and societal norms often make students hesitant to actively participate in classroom discussions or share their thoughts and ideas. By leveraging specific COTROnline tools, educators can infuse elements of fun, power, freedom, acceptance, and safety (Five Basic Needs- by William Glasser) into the classroom environment. These enhancements can significantly boost student engagement and motivation in the learning process. 

This workshop series focuses on using COTROnline and other eLearning technologies to address intercultural barriers. It includes four sessions:

1. Humanizing the Online Space,
2. Creating Space for Student Interaction and Parallel Discussion,
3. Providing Clear Instructions and Streamlining Assessment with Rubrics and Workshop Activity, and
4. Using Choice and restrictions to Focus Student Choice and Engagement.

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