There are several ways that you can find the contact information for your course instructor: 

1. Provided by your instructor near the top of your Course Homepage in COTROnline:

  • You might see a Page element called "Your instructor is First Name Last Name"
  • If not, look for "Start Here" or the "Course Syllabus"
    • Note: the Course Syllabus is different from the Course Outline. A Syllabus or some document called "Important information about this course" etc. will provide you more details about your course instructor, meeting times, readings, assessments, expectations, etc.
  • In one of these documents you should be provided the following information: 
    • Instructor Name
    • Instructor Email for contact
    • Instructor Office location
    • Information on preferred method of contact

2. Provided through COTROnline in your Course Dashboard:

  • Open your course Dashboard - you will see your instructor's name and email listed in the top right corner of the Dashboard popup
  • You can also send them a message from this point via Moodle. PLEASE confirm with your instructor if they prefer to receive communication via Messaging or direct Email.

3. Provided in AccessCOTR

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