Need Help? Not sure who to ask?

Having problems with COTROnline (Moodle); can't login or get kicked out of the COTROnline website; course registration not working; can't access that video or website; need help submitting your assignment?

1-877-489-2687 local 3737 (toll-free in North America)
or 1-250-489-2751 local 3737
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Don't understand the discussion question; not certain what is required for the assignment; can't meet a deadline.

  Contact your instructor


Can't login, need to use Teams, can't access the College of the Rockies Portal or webmail; can't access that library database or article?

IT Student Help Desk

1-877-489-2687 local 3701 (toll-free in North America)
or 1-250-489-2751 local 3701


Need help registering for a course, getting into AccessCOTR to print T22 forms, checking final grades, requesting transcripts?

College of the Rockies Registration

1-877-489-2687 local 3237 (toll-free in North America)
or 1-250-489-8237


Need help finding an article, book, etc. for your paper; need a student card?

Library Reference
1-877-489-2687 local 3292 (toll-free in North America)
or 1-250-489-8292

or check out some of the other options available


Need help with APA / MLA / Chicago formatting?

There is online and in-person Writing Help


The Library Research Guides for APA, MLA, CSE, or Chicago


Library Reference
1-877-489-2687 local 3292 (toll-free in North America)
or 1-250-489-8292


Feeling overwhelmed; not certain what is needed to complete your program or transfer to another institution; in emotional distress; need accommodation for an exam; looking for a tutor?

Contact Student Services - all interactions are strictly confidential
1-877-489-2687 local 3243 (toll-free in North America)
or 1-250-489-8243




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